Why Collaborative Law?

The answers are limitless. Many choose it because they don’t care to air their differences in a public forum. Others choose it because, while they have decided to get a divorce, they don’t necessary feel like adversaries; they simply need competent family attorneys, trained in Collaborative Law, to help them divide their assets in a fair and equitable manner and make decisions for their children’s best interests. Some choose this method because it allows the parties to make their own choices about how their family issues are resolved rather than relying on the Judge to do it for them, someone not even familiar with their situation.

In some cases, Collaborative Law can result in a financial savings to both parties.

Perhaps most importantly, people are choosing Collaborative Law because of the “relational” savings. This means that, by choosing to work together to finalize their divorce, and choosing not to go through the Courtroom battle we have all become familiar with, parties are able to conclude their divorce while maintaining any positive relationship they still have left.

At our office, we have the training and commitment to make your Collaborative Law case work for you. Mary Louise Parker is a charter member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals and the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Collaborative Practice Committee. Most importantly, she firmly believes that Collaborative Law is the best way for many parties in divorce and family law cases to resolve their differences, at least they deserve to know that there are choices. While we still remain willing and able to handle your litigated matters, we are also willing to take the extra time to talk to you about others ways.

Legal Choices, LLC offers you the unique opportunity to formulate your own resolution of matters that are important to you. You must learn that it is not about winning or losing – IT IS BEYOND WINNING